Branch Committee

Our current branch committee is made up of the following people, we are always open to new ideas, new rides and also enabling our branch members to organize rides for us all to enjoy.

Chairman - Simon

Simon has been a fan of Triumphs for a long time but finally got to own one 10 years ago with the purchase of a 1976 T140V called "Lucy".

Secretary - Eric

Eric's been riding for 6 or 7 years and currently rides a 1200 Scrambler which he uses to great effect on our branch ADV rides

Treasurer - Andy

Andy is a totally good chap with a matching motorcycle, in his Bright Red 1200 Daytona. Head of our financial empire and the man that introduced us to The Bennington Bash, we have much to be thankful for.

Route Planner - Erik

Erik spends more time on 2 wheels than the rest of the club put together. He will also ride when he can and is a past winner of our Landmark Challenge.

Route Planner - Bob

Bob has got a wealth of road knowledge and can get you to anywhere, usually taking in everywhere else. Bob is a multi-bike owner and current favorite ride is a Tiger 800.